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Hello, and welcome to APEisode # 23. We're outdoors, ya know. Starting with Prime, we hit (and miss) on a couple of lesser known deep cuts from Status Quo, String Driven Thing, and The Rainmakers, among some more well known PRIME cuts from Cake, Toto, and Joe Jackson, just naming a few.

Then on to Starting Lines w Floyd, Hagar, Montrose, and apparently one of us doesn't understand that DIO is a GOD!?!?!?!? Go Ask Alice, even she knows!

Lastly, we ask the question, What Are YOU Listening to? We share our thoughts, and ask for yours. Come ON, LISTEN AND RESPOND to APEisode 23! It's a jungle out here!

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#23 Droogie? What's a Droogie? Take Me to the Circus to see a Travelling Band. APEisode 23 is HERE!

We are again in the wild for APEizode 22. Are you joining uz? We are in the outdoorz for this APEizode. After a LONG intro, we finally get down to businezz. APEZ businezz, that iz. After shout-outz to worthy fellow APEZ, we cover some correctionz and clarificationz. And then we ztart on our most MixedUpz MixedApez antics yet.

No format, just a combination of challengez of ALL KINDZ.
We combine Prime Cutz, Bean Enchiladaz, Starting Linez, Tune Thiz Name, Route SixtySixz, Yout Mother Zhould Know, Azk and Ye Shall Deceive, Prime Twizt, and Quick Hitz into one CRAZZZY segment. DiVinyls, Rod Stewart, Al Stewart (no relation), ELP, Kansas, LEDZEP, and even Madonna show up in our myriad challengez. So come on, get on board, and ZZZip along with the APEZ for a Zuper good time. Zee you there!

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#22 From the beginning, I touch myself, but not while dancin' in the streets. Twenty tooth APEisode.

Fresh air, sunshine, and shouting over the cicadas! (JK!). We are outdoors in our favorite setting, as it should be! We've got shout-outs to FLOMO rock show, Hello Newman, Doorward, Dog-A-Boni, and all of the MIXEDAPEZ listening out there! Hey, we even announce a new official APEZ crew member too! Paula of APEZ!

After all that working up an appetite, we dig into a heaping helping of Bean Enchiladaz. Check out our jumbles and mumbles on Devo, Aerosmith, John Fogerty, Beach Boys and more!

Then it's down to business with some Uncontrolled Substance. DON'T TRY TO TELL US WHAT'S ROCK n ROLL AND WHAT'S NOT! If you don't know David Sanborn or Willie Dixon, You Should Know Their Songs! AND You Should Know Their Stories!

Grab a cold drink & a lawn chair, and step outside with us for another round of You Should Know This Song! with MixedApez in the Wild!

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#21 Wild In The Streets, Or At Least in the Backyard! - Brought to You by the Cicadapocalypse: APEisode21

Somehow we've managed to create 20 of these and inflict them on the planet! (Planet Of MixedApez??) Celebrate with all of the MixedApez for a minute, as we play on, talk on, laugh on, ramble on, carry on, babble on, and game on with THE PREMIER Rock music challenge, commentary, and factoids podcast, You Should Know This Song! 

 We've been doing the podcast for a minute now and it's pretty exciting to get to the 20th APEisode, considering the average podcast ends after 6 or 7. And especially after some of the early struggles we had. We keep on cranking out shows, calling all you MixedApez out there who have song lyrics and music stuck in your brain box to ride along and give your mind some joy!  Seriously, love and appreciation to every APEZ who listens, follows, and shares the show, all over the world. We are doing this for you! Give us a shout and let us know where you are and who you are and what you think. We'll give you a shout out on an APEisode and share the love! Peace of APEZ to all!

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#20 Twentieth!! 20th!! XXth!! WHHAAAT!? WE MADE IT TO APEISODE 20???!! THE BIG TWW00 OOHHH!!

Our latest APEisode is almost out of the teens, but don't think that means we're gonna grow up anytime soon. We begin with Starting Lines, offering only the first few words as a challenge. Nick Lowe, Pearl Jam, Kansas, Stealer's Wheel, RHCP, Iggy Pop, and others are included in the clues, and we keep em flowing fast and furious.

Our second segment is Your Mother Should Know. One of our faves. Appropriately, there is a Beatles challenge, and we also check in on The Cars, Pretenders, The Kinks, and because we have Too Much Time On Our Hands, Styx and a few others. Did I just give something away?

The last segment in this APEisode is Tune That Name, the most recent addition to the APEZ challenge family, where we provide an 'alternative' naming of the song or the band, or "Whatever". Follow along, you'll figure it out.

It's our LAST CHANCE to get away with being a teen, because 20 is right around the corner. Even APEZ have to grow up... eventually. Come on, join us for a joy ride before they make us start acting our age. DROP US A LINE!!! Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#19 Hey 19! Lust for Life, Life's Been Good, Wild Wild Life, and a #1 hit from 1926? APEisode 19 is OUT (there)!

This APEisode, the APEZ joy ride down Route 66 stopping in on the places in songs from CCR, Beatles, Cracker, 3 Dog Night, Wings, Mountain and more. Who knew Route 66 would go Back In The USSR, to Katmandu, and Spain?!?!?!

Then in Prime Cuts it's the expected hilarity and stupidity you've come to know and love. And maybe some talk about songs you love too! We Bullet The Blue Sky, we Turn Japanese, we pile up Dirty Laundry, and oops we Rusted our Root.... And Aerosmith, Pete Townsend, POCO, Don Henley and Steve Miller get in too.

But wait! In Prime Twist you also get....double Scorpions, Buddy Holly, Wild Cherry and it goes on! Such a deal! And all for the low, low price of 45 minutes of pure joy! So swing along with MixedApez and see if You Should Know This Song too!

Psssst, hey. Down here!...we'd love to know what you think of the APEisode. If you got some of the clues, ALL of the clues. ?? If you liked the games. If you got a song stuck in your head. If you've got a correction. Your favorite recipe. Let us know you're out there!! DROP US A LINE!!! Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#18 And We Like It! - And U2! Cruise Route 66 with us! Stop for some PRIME! And Twist one up! Here's APEisode 18!

If only we'd learned the truth at seventeen... then we might not be bringing you this delightful new 17th APEisode. We start with some MIXEDAPEZ Twist & Shout. A twisted segment where the song comes first, and the LYRICS are the answer. Frankly, when I was 17, I THOUGHT the lyrics WERE the answer. Either way, we've got songs by Bob Marley & the Wailers, Timbuk3, Joe Jackson, Van Halen and so much more in this segment.

Then some tasty, if slightly weird, Bean Enchiladas. A listener favorite segment, where we mangle the lyrics to songs you know and love. Clues include "Come on, peel an orange", and "She eats cole-slaw every day". Why are they always about food? With Nirvana, The Police, BOC, and Zeppelin among the bands (just to name a few) whose lyrics we turn sideways, there's something for every taste here.

We wrap it up with Your Mother Should Know, with clues just about anybody can figure out, even us APEZ. Songs from The Beach Boys, Sly & the Family Stone, Hootie, and a handful of others round out the APEisode and everybody getsthe correct answer out in 'record' time. I really can't help the dad jokes, and that's the way, uh-huh, we like it.

So connect with us and get the latest APEisode, and help us celebrate our 17th. Rock & Roll, kids. We're gonna grow up someday, but probably not today. Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#17 Well, We Were Just 17. Stray Cats, Zombies, I Like Mixed Nuts, We Only Want to Be With You. Delivering APEisode 17, BABY! Grab It!

Sweet Sixteen with MixedApez at Rayce's Oasiz! How can it go wrong? You'll see. Rayce makes up the word BLAZZ! It's a keeper! Let's play ASK AND YE SHALL DECEIVE with Joe Jackson, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Deep Purple, Jolene, more! And while we're at it, how about a new game STARTING LINES including Talking Heads, Bad Co, Hollies, Bowie, and so on. And then PRIME CUTS to finish the party! It's got THIS SONG by George Harrison (should have been our FIRST EVER), Ted Nugent, Tears For Fears, Sublime, Pretenders...wwhhheeewww! WE GO LONG with a 1.5 hour marathon. So strap in! Make a wish! And blow out the candles with us, for You Should Know This Song! Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#16 SWEET! We Talk No Doubt, Hendrix, Barenakeds, Pretenders, Der Stingle, & more! APEisode 16.

COME ON IN! Welcome to Rayce’z Oasiz! MixedApez are slinging another heapin’ helpin’ of song challenges, BS, and weirdity (Yep! Made up word. That tracks!) on You Should Know This Song. APEisode 15 has us chatting through the acts above as well as ABC, No Doubt, U2, Genesis, The Buggles, Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, Crowded House, Ministry, Billy Joel, Bill withers and others.

It all happens when we play our PRIME CUTS, and TWIST & SHOUT lyric challenges.

Then when we do UNCONTROLLED SUBSTANCE it’s APEZ messing with our own A D D. as we try letting our brains go wandering off unsupervised. And when they return we make use of them for some CORRECTIONS and NOTES.

Pull up a branch and hang out a bit for You Should Know This Song THE ROCK MUSIC LYRIC CHALLENGE AND COMMENTARY PODCAST! Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of You Should Know This Song, THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#15 Queen, ELO, & Smithereens Challenges. Adam Ant’s new tour, ADD Apez and more in APEisode 15

Hey there. Welcome! Is this your first time? Don't be scared, we're friendly APEZ. Weird and friendly! Very weird, but still friendly.

We've returned with more commentary and silliness about Rock music and lyrics. This APEisode begins with our Ask & You Shall Deceive segment. We include lyrics from CCR, the Byrds, Toto, The Blues Brothers, Tommy Tutone and even more.

Then a NEW challenge! It's called Tune That Name (at least for the moment), and it's basically word association for music nerds. The Police, Aerosmith, Pretenders, Tears for Fears, The Monkees, Talking Heads... all of them and more show up in the new segment.

Finally we 'wrap it up' with Bean Enchiladas (haha, get it?) which seems to have become a listener favorite. Lyrics by Billy Idol, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Steve Perry and a bunch more get twisted into unrecognizable word salad. Sorry, not sorry.

So let's get our pod on. Join us for another zany trip into the jungle lair that is MIXEDAPEZ land. We promise, we won't bite. Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of You Should Know This Song, THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#14 Tequila Sunrise. It's a Drink, it's a Song, It's a State of Mind. APEisode 14!

We are still stupefied by the fact that Judas Priest has been making METAL albums for 50 years. On the other hand, we're not very smart and neither one of us counts very well.

In APEisode 13, we open with our Ask and You Shall Deceive segment. Discussing songs by John Hiatt, Counting Crows, REM, Led Zeppelin, Eddie Money, and even Ronnie Spector, we cover the gamut of genres this time.

We debut a new segment called Route 66. The point of this challenge is to provide as many locations (city/state/country) as possible from a song, based on the lyrics tossed at you. It's the first go, so we may struggle through it, but ultimately it's a blast. We hit songs by the Lovin' Spoonful, Bob Seeger, Beach Boys, Rush, David Bowie, and several more.

Wrapping up with Uncontrolled Substance, we confess to the music we sometimes listen to when no one else is around, music we call guilty treasures. Since it's stuff we 'feel guilty' about, we'll leave it at that and you'll have to listen to find out what we're talking about.

So get your kicks with us in APEisode 13. Let's ROLL, baby!Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of You Should Know This Song, THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#13 Judas Priest Spans 50 Years of Heavy Metal, and Route 66? APEisode 13 is here!

It took a minute, but we got Prime, Bean Enchiladas, And Quick Hitz to reward your patience. In this APEisode we explore keeping our heads on straight while life rears up and calls for attention. We swing through with some corrections, PRIME CUTS featuring the likes of John Mayer, The Knack, Poco, Gene Vincent, Rage Against The Machine, They Might Be Giants, and more. Then, in BEAN ENCHILADAS we eat our words referencing Superstitious, When I Fight Authority, Beast Of Burden, BaBaBa Barbara Ann, a few others, and finally finish our Bean Enchiladas. Man, I'm stuffed.

We wrap it up with QUICK HITZ, including discussions on Peter Gabriel, Foo Fighters, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, Heart, The Clash and more, more, more!

Come on don't be mad, it's worth the wait! Check it out! And if you're really upset, send us an email and tell us how it ruins your day if we're late with an APEsiode. You know we love you guys! REALLY. Download the latest MixedApez APEisode of You Should Know This Song, THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#12 Seeing If You're Paying Attention. We're Late with the APEisode. Did You Notice? APEisode12

Hello again!

Apparently, he's SCRUMPTRULESCENT, and I'm fine, but not quite dandy! With 'nods' to Will, and the best ever, George, we kick off APEisode 11. We offer a NEW segment, PRIME "Twist and Shout". In the new segment, the challenger has to come up with a couple of lines of lyrics, prompted by a song name. Not always as easy as it sounds. We have clues from Ozzy to Squeeze, from Jane's Addiction to Jethro Tull, and for a change, we get most of them right!

Our Uncontrolled Substance session is a blast, talking about some of our favorite covers, and a bunch of faves from listeners. We "COVER" (sorry, I just can't help it) covers from RHCP, Ghost, Limp Bizkit, Elmore James, Metallica, Hendrix, Judas Priest, Melvins, and that's not even half of them. And I am betting you won't guess the hands down favorite cover our listeners shared.

So make sure to cover all your bets, and download the latest MixedApez APEisode of You Should Know This Song, THE ROCK LYRIC CHALLENGE PODCAST!

#11 Already Been Covered. Listeners Contribute their Favorite Covers. It's APEisode 11

Welcome to our 10th APEisode. We kick it off discussing the 2024 nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Plenty of entertainers, and plenty of opinions. Nominees include Cher; Foreigner; Peter Frampton; Jane's Addiction; Dave Matthews Band; A Tribe Called Quest; Kool & the Gang; and 8 other acts. Wherever you stand, the vote is open to fans until April 26th.

We move onto our Prime challenge, You Should Know This Song. Plenty of chatter about artists as varied as Otis Redding, Love & Rockets, Todd Rundgren, Smashing Pumpkins, Dire Straits, (the forbidden) Steely Dan, and a whole lot more.

We discuss the origin of the word WIKI, and we tip our hats to our families, and especially to our listeners. Come celebrate our 10th podcast with us, and get in on the ground floor. After all, it's where we spend most of our time.

#10 Rock & Roll HoF voting is OPEN to Fans! APEisode 10 is here. Nestkeeping? Really?

Who knew? As old as we are, (VERY) we can still learn something. We go long in this one, and WAY far afield. Beginning with YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS SONG, we cover Mojo Nixon stories, discuss the ?first? 'boy band', wonder about Paul Westerberg, and a bunch more music related rambles.

Moving to Quick Hits, there's a brief discussion on the song writing teams from the famous Brill Building in Manhattan. We touch on music by Elvis, JT, The Animals, Stray Cats, Uriah Heep, and other great artists. Fun, informative, BS from our resident APEZ.

We wrap with Ask and Ye Shall Deceive, where the answer to the questions reveals the song. There's a bit about KSHE FM, one of the longest running continuous Classic Rock stations in the US. We 'old guy' for a few about "Late Night" Rock TV shows from the 70's & 80's. (Yes, they had TV in the 70's & 80's, kids). Add in comments on music by The Lovin' Spoonful, The B-52s, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and even the Commodores, and we just can't stop.

It's a great time, with lots of APEZ type chatter and us bone-heading our way through it all. Come listen to the MixedApez. All the cool kids are doing it.

#09 BOFFALONGO! And other musical FACTOIDS from MixedApez. It's APEisode9!

We haven't been able to determine WHY, but apparently some of you want to know how we became MixedApez. I think we were just born this way, but for everyone who wanted deets, here's a bit of MixedApez Lore.

This APEisode starts with the segment we've come to call 'Your Mother Should Know'. We play around with lyrics from Bob Marley, 3rd Eye Blind, Billy Idol, Squeeze, The Ohio Players and a bunch more. Then we spend some time on the Apez origin story. We talk about how this all started, and the road into the weird jungle we inhabit.

So, check out the 8th APEisode, guess along with what everyone's mother should know, and hang out for a bit. We can't wait to get swinging!

#08 APEisode 8. Who Do We Think We Are? (We're Probably Not Sure!)

How can you miss us if we won't go away? We are back with APEisode 7 of our MIXEDAPEZ challenges. We have 3 great segments for you this time, starting with our "Prime" challenge, YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS SONG, then we roll right into ASK & YE SHALL BE DECEIVED. Lastly we finish with a little bit of QUICK HITS.

Challenges include lyrics from all kinds of artists, such as Elvis Costello, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, Wall of Voodoo, & Bob Dylan and his son Jakob. We also have lyric challenges from the songs of The Grateful Dead, Dire Straits, Velvet Underground, and Blues Traveler. And that's not even all.

So jump on board and let's get goin'. We just won't go away.

#07 APEisode Everybody's Got to Be Somewhere: APEisode 7

Welcome to our little corner of the rainforest. We begin the episode correcting SEVERAL mistakez we've made since we started. After all we're only human, wait, APEZ are simians, right? Whichever, we've erred, and we're sorry.

Then we launch into another Bean Enchiladas segment (OH NO!) . We claim it's misheard lyrics, but it's really just an excuse to be sillier than usual. We butcher lyrics from Jethro Tull, Journey, Eurythmics, Bon Jovi, and so many more. Thankfully, we eventually segue into a segment called Your Mother Should Know, a 'lighter' version of our Prime segment, where everybody and their mother should be able to answer the challenges.

Come on and join us in the monkeyshines (APEZ, monkeys, haha, amiright?)

I know, it's lame. But I've gotta put something here...

#06 APEisode 6. APEZ MAKEZ MISTAKEZ. We were wrong, and it's not gonna be the last time....

Welcome back to another journey with MIXEDAPEZ. This APEisode starts off with our YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS SONG challenge and then we take a hard left back to 1973, to revisit the music released that year. The APEisode was recorded near the end of 2023 while we still building content, and we looked at albums that turned 50 years old. If you want to follow along, you can find our source material here

If you want to know more about us, or leave a comment, or even just look at the cool MIXEDAPEZ graphics from Christine Creatives, point your browser to

Thanks for checking us out. If your enjoying listening, please remember to follow and share. 

#05 APEisode 5. It Was 50 Years Ago Today...Prime Cuts & 1973

Surprisingly, we're still here. This APEisode begins with more of our "Prime" challenge, YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS SONG, and we discuss everything from Three Dog Night through the Amboy Dukes to Blondie and even Shel Silverstein's contribution to Rock & Roll. There's also a shoutout to the old heads in the Chicagoland area.

We also debut Your Mother Should Know, a segment designed to more accessible to the just about anyone who's ever listened to a radio. Come back in and let's get started. We're having a great time, and we'd love you to join us!

#04 APEisode 4. All Over the Place

Join us for our "Bean Enchiladas" segment. In "Uncontrollled Substance", we honor the Fabulous Funk Brothers. We finish off with our Ask & Ye Shall Deceive segment. Let's Roll!

#03 APEisode 3. Keep Rolling!

We introduce you to our "Quick Hits" segment, and in "Uncontrollled Substance", we discuss our favorite live albums. Join us for a while!

#02 APEisode 2. We're BACK!

Our first APEisode starts with our introductions, and then we spend the entire episode on our 'PRIME' challenge, "You Should Know This Song." We trade lyric challenges and test each other on songs 'we should know'. Come check it out.

#01 APEisode 1. We're LIVE!