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Welcome to APEisode 28 of YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS SONG! We start off with some big news We have PLAYLISTS for EVERY APEisode! you can find the one for this episode here. We're kind of a big deal now.

And after we bellow about playlists for a while we roll on. Reid recalls the band Trapeze, leading Rayce into his mea culpa about not knowing his back end from a hole in the ground when it comes to the different Deep Purple line-ups. We talk about Connections, (not the song the PBS series) for just a minute, and

FINALLY we get to some (ONE SIDED) challenges. Beatles, 10CC, Jackson Brown, Dire Straits and the Stones all make appearances. We just can't help it. Come on, let's go! It's APEisode 28!

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#28 Playlists? You're talking about Playlists, You kidding me? Playlists? It's APEisode28!

ReidApez has a dumb road trip game idea for the listeners. His first dumb idea maybe? Hhhmmm....The actual show is MixedUpz. It's rock challenges in a blender!! From Hollywood Vampires, to People Who Died, to Dead Milkmen, and Joe's Garage.

From The Beginning, there's No New Tale To Tell, but I Want To Hold Your Hand (did I just make it weird?). Weirder when we start gargling on about the continuum of cycles of rock music over the decades, remixing and reanimating old as new again. It gets Kinks-y for a bit. Alabama Shakes it up, and before you know it Closing Time. But you KNOW we just keep rollin.

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#27 WE'RE SLICING CAKE! Learning To Crawl. Aaannndd Digging In The Dirt. HEY! Get your APEZ in here! Get APEisode 27 now!

We're back to business (APEZ Businezz). After going blabber only in our 25th, we're tossing challenges again in APEisode 26. And there's a bunch!

BREAKING NEWS! Going forward, all our APEisodes will have an accompanying playlist. Find this episodes playlist HERE. We are also filling the old APEisodes as well.

Starting w Prime Twizt & Shout, we include songs from Bad Co, Foghat, Chicago, R.E.M., and a bunch more. Of course we rumble our way through the jungle of clues, and come out pretty much OK (mostly!).

We start Quick Hitz by STEALING EACH OTHER'S CLUES! We've got songs from Billy Idol, the KING, Wang Chung, Aretha, and the Boys from he Beach, just to name a few.

Closing with Starting Linez, (that doesn't sound right?) we visit with Donovan, Joe Jackson, Deep Purple, Don Dixon, Rick James, and a bunch of other artists from all over the genre.

It's good to get back on track, and deliver the goods to the APEZ out there. Let's ROCK & ROLL!

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#26 Back to it, break's OVER! You're No Good, your Good Lovin's Gone Bad, but still, you Make Me Smile! It's APEisode 26

We can hardly believe it's our 25th APEZiversary. To celebrate, we changed it up a bit. This APEisode is all talk. (All the APEisodes are all talk, how does this differ?). But this is different. Really!

For this go round there are no challenges. We wanted to share the kind of thing we do when we're just sitting around blabbing (like we do on every APEisode). Seriously, it IS different. I mean we're talking about music (isn't that what we always do?). But there's digressions and BS and the conversations go sideways in this one (exactly like all the other ones).

Well, this time we made a playlist of the songs we mentioned in the APEisode, and you can actually listen to the songs we talked about. Hopefully, you'll finish listening to the podcast first (PLEASE!?!). Click the link to check it out. Hear HERE. (get it?) We're gonna try to do this for every APEisode going forward, and eventually, for all the previous ones too.

OK, OK, so it's only a little different. It's still two APEZ monkeying around with microphones, acting like what they say should be recorded. And we're still having fun, commenting on the music we want to share. With YOU. That's what it's really about.

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#25 SILVER APEZ! A SPECIAL 25th APEisode. We're ALL TALK (what a surprise /s). APEisode 25 is HERE!

So, what's up in APEisode 24, you ask? Well, Rayce has a Cicada public safety announcement. Reid went to see the MJ stage show and his wife says HE has something to say about it. Welcome new Certified Official APEZ Member Amity-Of-Apez! Get your official membership, just by stickin' your nose into our business. We'd love nothing more!

Musically, we determine that Vinegar Joe should have been a bigger deal that they were. KSHE classics come into the chat. No Shelter from Looks That Kill with a Sledgehammer, by an Evil Genius, is just Coincidental MOYDAHHH. And, friend of the show Matt from the STL area band 'Hello Newman' is going to participate.

Come on! You gotta find out what all of that means right?!?! Check out APEisode TWENTYFOUR!

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#24 BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS - Cicadapalooza is over. At least it's safe to drive Route 66 with the top down again. APEisode #24

Hello, and welcome to APEisode # 23. We're outdoors, ya know. Starting with Prime, we hit (and miss) on a couple of lesser known deep cuts from Status Quo, String Driven Thing, and The Rainmakers, among some more well known PRIME cuts from Cake, Toto, and Joe Jackson, just naming a few.

Then on to Starting Lines w Floyd, Hagar, Montrose, and apparently one of us doesn't understand that DIO is a GOD!?!?!?!? Go Ask Alice, even she knows!

Lastly, we ask the question, What Are YOU Listening to? We share our thoughts, and ask for yours. Come ON, LISTEN AND RESPOND to APEisode 23! It's a jungle out here!

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#23 Droogie? What's a Droogie? Take Me to the Circus to see a Travelling Band. APEisode 23 is HERE!