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I listened to your podcast while I was cleaning, and I wanted to say I love it. Definitely made me go back and listen to stuff I haven't played in a while. As an Amy Winehouse fan, I highly recommend you listen to her at some point. And I checked out the Thin Lizzy album. Not my usual, but I enjoyed it. I even went back to MY favorite live album, MTV Nirvana Unplugged.

So thanks for getting me to appreciate some classics again.

Tabby in Wisconsin.

Are you kidding me? You both failed! Obviously, the best live album (a triple disk) is Woodstock!

Jim in Missouri

So I just listened to the first podcast episode. I have a correction. Undone (The sweater song) by Weezer was first available commercially on their first album, the blue album. Although it appeared on what is now "The kitchen tapes" that was only released in 2016 (by a fan who purchased an original and then circulated it on the Internet) and the songs on it were originally a set of tape demos of which only a few ever existed.

Also hearing Reid say something about Sublime being a 2000s band and calling that older than you think was funny to me. Bradley was dead by 1996. They continued without him as Long Beach Dub All stars with only limited commercial success.

Ian in Missouri

Actual Listener Comments

For all my music loving trivia fans. I found this great new podcast that will test your knowledge each week. Give it listen on your favorite podcast platform.

Janet in Indiana

Another great episode. So glad to hear you have an oasiz!

Dianne in Wisconsin

I was literally yelling at you in my car for not knowing Sweet Child O' Mine.

Chris in Missouri