It's all about us...

We are Reid and Rayce, a couple of guys 'of a certain age' (read that as OLD) who've been hanging out and talking about music and other stuff for over twenty years. Generally, there's a cold beverage, one or the other is picking the next thing to listen to, and we jabber on about the things that make the music important to us. We both grew up (in different places) on 'liner notes', the info on the album and inner sleeve of vinyl records. You remember vinyl, right? Sometimes it was lyrics, sometimes production notes, and often just bandmembers goofing off. So we became interested in the story behind the music, and that's what we hope to share with you.

Then along came CDs, then MP3s, and Satellite radio, and eventually streaming (and now Vinyl is BACK, baby!). We kept listening, and our APEZ brains just got bigger, and more filled with these strange thoughts, and we just had to share it all, and well, here you are!

It feels like we grew in the same neighborhood, but actually, we were 300 miles apart. Now, we both live near St. Louis, Missouri, and usually when we get together no one else gets a word in. So, please, join us for a bit and see if we can drag you into our insanity.